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    Rise of Kingdoms

    (4.2/5) 3984 rates

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    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Build a City Hall up to level 17 until 20 days

    kinda looks like clash of clans

    clash of clans smh

    28 november 2019 22:02 3275

    I dont think so. The way you attack other bases in Rise of Civilizations is based on the power of your troops deployed vs. the power of their bases. No traps, walls and towers. I like the game.

    27 february 2020 13:01 3275

    I think its ok but not great

    1 march 2020 20:14 3275

    tru tru hay it is not taht good☹ umm ok im out

    6 march 2020 13:00 3275

    it is literally the biggest clash copy ever

    19 march 2020 14:39 3275

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