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    Magic: The Gathering Arena

    (3.99/5) 486 rates

    Beginning to suspect malicious intent on gamehag's part.

    Between the "Not a new account" flags on accounts that are CLEARLY new, flat out denying clear screenshots for no given reason, and just the generally unhelpful customer service. ("JuSt TrY UpLoAdInG iT aGaIn!!"), Either they're just actively denying claiming rewards to collect their referral bonus and deny rewards for completing tasks, or they need to fire A LOT of their moderators/reviewers/whatever. Anyone else getting a lot of this?

    27 november 2019 07:07 3433

    This could possibly be because of the gamehag name and the in-game name being different, but I do agree that better feedback would be much appreciated. Like when you get rejected and it says "Something went wrong, please take a new screenshot". The quests are also a bit misleading sometimes (having a quest to play 10 games when the only way to check anything of the sort is to check your profile saying how many wins you have or through an achievement that doesn't show progress but has more games played in it, example = (name of achievement) eBiC gAmEr - play 25 games (requirement)).

    28 november 2019 19:56 3433

    My character names on everything so far have been "None Pizza", which given character limits on most games being 12, should be considered good enough.
    Like with the star trek one, My character was named "None Pizza", at level 5, and it was the ONLY character on the account, and it still got denied for not being a new account.

    29 november 2019 07:56 3433

    I keep getting rejected with the "not a new account" excuse. Which is wrong because its my first time playing this game and i have extra made an account for this with that provided "play for free link". And i am suspecting malicious intent because nothing is helpfull here. Even the quest itself is not really explained.

    And my Name is the same ingame and here.

    27 december 2019 12:51 3433

    same here rejected, same name and i used the website link :S

    2 january 2020 10:40 3433

    i cant even submit my screen shot

    2 january 2020 19:23 3433

    its such a scam ***

    2 january 2020 20:19 3433

    i hate it

    2 january 2020 20:20 3433

    I've tried making a new account through the Website, through the game, through the launch client, not sure what else to try at this point.

    8 january 2020 00:51 3433

    I got rejected 3 times with the "not a new account" rejection, when i made it through the link of the offer. 0 gold, 0 premium money, level 1 battle pass, level 2 mastery from the tutorial. And you cant even show the name and prove the task in the same screenshot in this game. Now the offer ended...

    23 january 2020 19:24 3433

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