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    Best weapon you can to recommend to me for play solo?

    Ty for answer give me more info

    25 november 2019 20:53 2154

    Ty for answer give me more info

    19 december 2019 13:04 2154

    Для соло игры лудше всего подойдет Игнис или Игнис призрак. Игнис можно получить в клановом додзе скопировав его чертеж.

    28 december 2019 19:47 2154

    the Hek is a shotgun that can carry you to mid level missions if modded for damage and status with corrosive or heat damage.
    the Galatine is a heavy sword deals lots of raw damage and should be able to get you to the same levels as Hek.

    29 december 2019 07:33 2154

    the hek shotgun but what mastery are you?

    29 december 2019 13:20 2154

    nICE lOL :ddd

    30 december 2019 18:31 2154

    amprex is a good weapon for both day to day missions and for endgame.
    and from the secondaries the staticor is awesome.

    31 december 2019 11:04 2154

    Ignis wraith

    1 january 2020 08:27 2154

    Ignis Wraith is great, It ignites enemies to be on fire, And is really great. You can use it in coop too as it really helps out. Mostly because there are chances that when on fire they start dancing or whatever, So you can just keep shooting at them with your secondary. Its perfect.

    12 january 2020 13:51 2154

    hey hope your having a nice day

    12 january 2020 20:52 2154

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