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    This game doo doo

    This game sucks

    22 november 2019 07:55 2270

    this game is a Battle royale type game that was released over 2 years ago.This game is a fun and exciting game to play with your friends.If you do not get hurt and you do not have one interest, this game will construct Creative on your personal Island and it's possible to play with your friends. This game is 100% free to play with any kind of cabbage, and you can only pick up a costume item, pickaxe, dancing from the Fortnite item shop. This game has Co-op version You will fight zombies and storms with your team to save the planet. This game is downloaded from EpicGames. Thank you :) NOthing else!

    20 december 2019 14:52 2270

    it used to be a really fun game tho

    27 december 2019 11:19 2270

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