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    Before downloading this game how do i play the game in advance and what is it about?

    19 november 2019 15:14 4081

    Cool game is real

    7 april 2020 03:32 4081

    It is pretty simple but there's actually a tutorial within the game you should follow, it's easy to understand the rest and slowly progress

    13 october 2020 14:00 4081

    I think this is médium Hard game

    20 october 2020 19:48 4081

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    Explained: What is Roblox?

    Roblox advertises itself as an ‘Imagination Platform’ that allows its users to develop or play millions of 3D online games on the platform. It is available to download as an app on both Android and Ios and is listed as 12+ with Parental Guidance advised. Users can also play the game on tablets, PC, XBox One or Amazon devices.

    It is described as a site created for gamers by gamers. The other main function of the platform is socialising, users are encouraged to make friends with other online players. The site allows users to “Imagine, socialize, chat, play, create, interact and relate with others in many ways.” The Roblox Suite allows gamers to create their own game or create another world with friends or ‘virtual explorers’.

    “As a user of the Roblox platform, you and your friends can collaborate on building or just gather and explore other users’ creations.”

    How Does Roblox Work?
    When signing up to Roblox, users are asked to come up with a username that is not their real name. They are asked for their date of birth, whether they are male or female and a password. Signing up creates an Account on the Roblox platform that is similar to a social networking site.

    On your profile, you can view the games you have played, you can post to a feed and also shows who your friends are, who you have followed and who have followed you on the platform. It also shows what groups you are part of and badges you have won.


    You can also “Chat and Party” with the anonymous friends you have added from your profile.


    Once you have created an account, you can then choose from a huge variety of games to play
    By creating an account you can customise your avatar and start finding friends
    You will be sent a message from ‘Builderman, CEO of Roblox’ who tells you to “Visit our forums, join or create a group, or invit


    5 november 2020 01:26 4081

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