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    pay to win

    In my opinion this game along with fortnite you need to have robux unless you want to get bullied by 6 year olds

    10 november 2019 08:39 2173

    its russian

    10 november 2019 10:05 2173

    i think games wich are pay to win shouldnt exist

    10 november 2019 10:34 2173

    nobody bullies people for no robux **** just get a noob skin if you do get bullied and they'll think its on purpose and not because you have no r o u x

    10 november 2019 11:10 2173

    well i have r o u x but i used to get bullied and im saying that ppl are getting bullied for not having r o u x in general

    10 november 2019 11:13 2173

    It's true

    10 november 2019 11:14 2173

    Pay2Win actually quite sucks, but it does help sometimes actually alot, it can be usually very useful, like the Bootleg Coil in Jupiter's Tower of H*ll. (JToH)

    10 november 2019 11:42 2173

    yeah pay2win is exacly like saying that if you have a skin in fortnite your a pro

    10 november 2019 11:42 2173

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