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    Geek Fam's 8 Slotted Morphling destroyed by Chaos' Drow Ranger

    A dominating performance by Raven’s Morphling wasn’t allowed to win by YawaR’s Drow Ranger’s 9 seconds Gust and Nullifier. Watch incredible Morphling vs Drow highlights and read the analysis of the game that slipped away from Geek Fam’s hands.
    Highlights of Morphling vs Drow Ranger in 2 major team fights
    Even though Morphling had crazy farm he had to play carefully in the team fights as Drow Ranger’s Gust silenced his abilities and Nullifier muted his items. Geek Fam’s Rubick was non-threatening whereas any other strong mid hero like Queen of Pain or Tinker would have stood up against Chaos EC while they were relentlessly chasing Morphling. Apparently, Morphling was forced to jump around rather than dealing some impactful damage. Geek Fam was not able to win any late-game team fights and were quickly brought down after Morphling’s death.
    Draft Analysis:
    Picks and Bans Order
    Geek Fam picked Morphling and Earthshaker in the first phase while banning Chaos EC’s strong heroes such as Faceless Void, Templar Assassin and Legion Commander. Chaos EC decided to counter Morphling by Drow Ranger while Geek Fam decided to counter Chaos’ draft with lots of mobility.
    Draft Advantage in Detail
    The strongest points of Geek Fam’s draft were in Mobility, Split Pushing, Durability, Healing and Countering heroes individually whereas Chaos EC’s had advantage in Pushing, Right Click Damage and in Initiating. Both teams had the opportunity to win the game as they had several strategies to rely upon like Pushing for Chaos EC and Split Pushing for Geek Fam.
    Live Advantage at 54th Minute
    Team Fight advantage was almost equal for both teams hence it was always scary to Kill Roshan while waiting for each other’s strong initiation. Drow Ranger’s Aura on three of their heroes was a decent advantage while Morphling and Earthshaker combination had good disables and nuke damage. Both the teams had good durable heroes, hence the team fight’s outcome couldn’t be predicted so easily. It all came down to how Morphling found ways to kill and how Drow Ranger found ways to disable him.
    End Game Statistics:
    Networth Graph
    With the help of split pushing and fast farming abilities of Morphling, Geek Fam was able to cover 20,000 networth difference and formed a 10,000 lead but lost everything in the last 2 team fights.
    Item Statistics
    Morphling was 8 slotted whereas Drow Ranger didn’t even have buffs like Moon Shard or Aghanim’s Blessing. Rubick could have gone for some damage item and done more than just 18000 hero damage but the item choices are understandable according to the hero. Aeon Disk was purchased by 3 Chaos EC’s heroes to counter the burst damage by Geek Fam.
    A tip for young players:
    Nullifier as the item and stacking of some disabling abilities is the best way to counter a single hero centered line-up. Geek Fam laid all eggs in Morphling’s basket and it would have been an epic victory if Chaos EC was not able to stack their abilities perfectly while they killed Morphling. Watch the video at the top of the article to see how exactly they countered Morphling in the last 2 major team fights even though Geek Fam’s supports tried their best to protect him.

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