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    Why isint fortnite dead by now?Or when do you think it will die?

    I wanna know the answers to unanswered questions.

    9 november 2019 08:12 2830

    Fortnite isn't dead because the dev teams are always working and players are always interested of what the devs worked, in season 6 to 10 players have began to quit fortnite until the very last of season 10 Fortnite "shut" it self down and a few days it rise again getting more popularity. Youtubers even became more fun like Ninja, Ali-a and etc.

    9 november 2019 09:58 2830

    it will die when the end of the world is near

    9 november 2019 11:10 2830

    안녕하세여 여러분들 ㅂㅇㄹ

    9 november 2019 12:18 2830

    Death is near

    9 november 2019 15:38 2830

    its a fun and good game most people dont like it since well community

    9 november 2019 15:54 2830

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