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    My task keeps getting denied!

    Hello! I recently joined crossout using the link on Gamehag, and downloaded it through Steam. I logged into my account on crossout, and won my 15 battles. I took a screenshot of the trophies screen showing my 15 wins, but it got denied. Someone please help!

    6 november 2019 17:43 2176

    Update: I did at first circle the 15 wins in red, which may have gotten it denied, however I did submit it again, and it still got denied. I think I am at three denials, and I need to know what to screenshot. Please help!

    6 november 2019 17:44 2176

    happens to me too all the time

    6 november 2019 18:05 2176

    just contact misty about it

    6 november 2019 19:19 2176

    I did, but she just keeps telling me to resubmit.

    6 november 2019 20:19 2176

    яка игра но също така и трудна.Най трудно се сабират тея пари

    18 november 2019 21:20 2176

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