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    Hi, I am new and i don’t know the best way to get gems!

    Can someone help me?

    4 november 2019 20:51 1628

    Level up is one of the ways but it takes time. Mini games are dumb and hard. Offers from offer walls are good only if u get a lot of gems but that requires palying some dumb game for a while. For me

    4 november 2019 20:56 1628

    App zone is best cuz one ad watched fully=one SG (soul gem). So with that being said, you can do app zone while ur doing something on pc. Just keep an eye on ur phone, or maybe on the go! APP ZONE!!!

    4 november 2019 20:58 1628

    How do you get soul gems from the surveys though? I keep trying but there is no reaction from the site.

    5 november 2019 04:50 1628

    You can try filing a ticket with misty about your issue

    5 november 2019 06:19 1628

    if you have a phone u could do those things that download app that open .Than u can delete it right after so its free gems for a super short time

    5 november 2019 07:00 1628

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