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    What's the most tryhard skin in fortnite for 1200 vbucks or less?

    I don't know which skin should i buy. Can somebody help me?

    3 november 2019 11:40 2830

    i would rather just save for a 2000 vbuck skin but if i had to really pick, if we are talking about trynhard i definetly think that you should go with one of the football skins cause every pro player used them and you knew that if you saw one it was going to be a pain in the *** to go against

    3 november 2019 12:17 2830

    Hey i never really played fortnite it doesent look very fun...

    3 november 2019 14:16 2830

    Id say the tryhard skin is the soccer skin too, its basically a meme skin, Eather you're a good soccer skin or a bad soccer skin. But keep in mind that you might be hunted and danced on

    3 november 2019 14:21 2830

    dynamo skin very good and tryhatd skin

    3 november 2019 14:22 2830

    Recon expert,renegade raider,football skins,dark bomber

    3 november 2019 21:52 2830

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