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    Steam Halloween Sale is Here! Any recommendation?

    First, a helpful tool for you from the folks at SteamDb: All games on sale, displayed with discount and rating filter. For example, here's mine with filter min_discount=70 and min_rating=70:


    That said, maybe you should set the minimum rating a little bit lower than that, because some good game, like Mankind Divided for example, has TERRIBLE score for not living up to the hype and so suffer.

    You should also check "display blue discount" and "display green discount" only. Basically only display games at their lowest discount ever.

    Finally, some recommendation:
    1. Obligatory Half-Life Complete Bundle (84% at $9.28) recommendation: Get them if you haven't for some reason. Especially if you have pirated them in your childhood.

    2. Riff Racer (90% at $0.99): Race your music. Okay, that sounds stupid and awesome at the same time, so better to check its trailers than hearing me rambling about it here.

    3. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut (90% at $4.49): Somehow being 3 games bundled in 1 with a price that's frankly a steal, if you want a decent Diablo clone with nice story and sadly a little bit cringy dialogue, you should at least be able to get 60 hours out of this bundle. That said, there're some nasty bugs along the way so you should spam save often.

    4. Finally, my favorite of the bunch: The Deus Ex Collection (88% at $10.6): Cyberpunk RPGs can't get much better than this, I guarantee you. Deus Ex's still a must for any RPG fan 20 years down the line for a reason.

    Any gems you have found this sale that you want to share? Post it here!

    30 october 2019 03:07 1628

    Thanks for the recommendation! I just got the complete bundle for Half-Life and it was worth it.

    30 october 2019 15:00 1628

    Wow.Thanks for it.

    30 october 2019 15:08 1628

    Thanks man

    30 october 2019 15:20 1628

    Cant forget about dying light + L4D2 bundle xD

    30 october 2019 18:28 1628

    Thanks man you are the ace

    30 october 2019 21:56 1628

    Also The Witcher 3 , GTA V and Dark Souls 3 those games won't go any lower in price so you should buy them if you want any.

    31 october 2019 07:25 1628

    Not sure about the The Witcher 3 tho; I bet when Cyberpunk 2077 is released there will be discounts for all CDPR games. Could be worth a shot to hold off for now.

    31 october 2019 13:49 1628

    thanks for the recommendations, I have played some of them but I will try the others. Happy Halloween !

    31 october 2019 19:04 1628

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