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    Whats the easiest way to get (gems)

    27 october 2019 20:12 1628

    I would say the easiest way of getting then is downloading the app and watching ads in the appzone, you can get 100 gems a day this way. Not the best way of getting them though.

    27 october 2019 20:32 1628

    I'd rather conplete game offers from offerwalls then go for appzone in android

    27 october 2019 20:37 1628

    do a survey that's 240 gems then do the videos ..and just keep saving up..good luck

    27 october 2019 21:14 1628

    Surverys have the highest payout IMO but sometimes even after you've completed them, they just don't credit you, so there's that :/

    28 october 2019 12:56 1628

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