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    Anyone else not getting their 7 day login bonus?

    Eight logins in the last 8 days and no login bonus, anyone else missing out?

    27 october 2019 10:39 1628

    I don't really check it, but a while ago I had trouble logging in here. Maybe it's because of the bug of this website?
    BTW I just checked my notifications and my bonus gems were given accurately. So it's not for all users.

    27 october 2019 14:04 1628

    You need to login to the site not on the app to get the daily login

    27 october 2019 14:08 1628

    Yep, I login to the site, I check the login every day to make sure it is recorded because the software that shuffles down the record each day stuffs up. You can only get the 5SG once a day independent of how many times you log in (as it should be). But I currently have 2x Day7 and 2x day 5 recorded, which is why I use'in the last 8 days I have 8 logins'. As you can only get the 5SG once per day, it proves that I have logged in every day no matter how much the shuffle software stuffs it up.

    27 october 2019 14:18 1628

    @Sengda, I had the same problem a few weeks back couldn't log in here kept getting 'Try Later'. Posting on a related site got the advice to use the forgotten password facility and it worked to log me in. Down side was, I had to do it every day until Gamehag solved their problem.

    Going back to my log there has been a clean up of the log and one of the duplicates has been deleted, it happens as I recorded in my post
    User vampixcarry replied to your thread Anyone else having trouble with their login record?

    Now there is a hole in the record :(.

    Gamehag.. the duplicated logins that your daily shuffle software creates are from 2 valid logins. Please focus on fixing the software rather than deleting the evidence.

    27 october 2019 14:44 1628

    No, I just checked and didn't get the bonus. :(

    27 october 2019 15:06 1628

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