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    What is spam?

    Email spam or spam mails are electronic unsolicited messages send to your email address which are mostly commercial in nature and may also carry malicious contents. Spam mails are considered more of a nuisance than dangerous.

    Is it bad?
    Basically yes,Spam is bad because it shifts the cost of advertising to the recipients. It is similar to junk unsolicited faxes.

    Is spam a malware?
    According to Sophos's annual Internet Security Threat Report, malware attacks, phishing and spam reports, are all on the rise across social networks. A malware attack is a piece of malicious software which takes over a person's computer in order to spread the bug onto other people's devices and profiles.

    Thus spamming illegal?
    Of course, it's again'st the law.

    Your free to spam but you're not free from the law, so If I were I won't spam

    26 october 2019 14:05 1628

    Too bad you just can't sue these guys for filling up your emails, that'll get them to stop.

    5 november 2019 10:10 1628

    It's rare to see someone to type this much on forums just to attempt to stop spammers. I like this post and I think that spammers really need to chill out. It's good for nobody

    5 november 2019 11:18 1628

    Spam, Repeated message, text or emails. Sending you a message over and over again non-stop repeating everything they say.

    5 november 2019 16:02 1628

    spam is a food

    5 november 2019 17:40 1628

    copy paste something then pasting here, spam

    5 november 2019 17:42 1628

    Say spam backward its maps

    5 november 2019 18:45 1628

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