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    Reasons why players spam here

    Literally because they needed some exp but it's again'st the law of this site
    People in videogames are usually very immature, and usually aren’t held to normal social standards like in real life. Therefore, spamming, scamming, trolling, and the like are all “acceptable” to do without any serious consequences.

    The “@” symbol is the quickest way to fill up your chat bar, and is useful for people who want to spam the chat as quickly as they can. Spamming in runescape is used mainly for two things: to hype people up, and to **** people off. The latter is pretty self explanatory, but as far as the former goes… if there’s a drop party that’s trying to amass more people, everyone following the leader is encouraged to spam the chat in order to attract attention from other people. This may not be the best method, but it’s quite popular because the chat hovers over peoples heads and creates a sense of hype.

    There aren’t many other reasons that people spam anything in any video game. It mostly comes down to hyping people up for something, or annoying people because of something.

    26 october 2019 11:35 1628

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