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    Hi, here I wrote some tips for begginer users from gamehag.
    Try to follow everything everyday, if you have something to add just comment and I will add here.
    We can levelup and get SOUL GEMS together on Skype or TS. If you want to help me with that you can send me an email.
    The tips:

    - if you want to levelup just comment on news. For every comment

    I posted I got 10% of my level worth of experience.

    - Check out the app from ios.

    I got some good gems right there.
    There are a huge range of different types of games availible for many different platforms.

    - Check everyday the "today's deal" on right of your screen

    - The rewards get discount too

    - The best way to get rewards is trying your luck on contracts, the price is worth the try

    - If you send the printscreen and don't get the SOUL GEMS check if you printed all the screen.

    - The minigames have a limit daily , but its good check this everyday, because the rewards are pretty good

    - Don't try to send random screen shots if you didn't played the game, thats not gonna work at all.

    - Do everything everyday so you can get what you came here for.
    Have always an objective here.

    - Help the community making your own article, you can get 1000 Soul Gems

    Using all the methods and tips I mentioned, you're bound to get you reward in just a few days!


    26 october 2019 10:56 1628

    Thanks for the tips and the best way for me is contracts , games pay poorly.

    29 october 2019 19:18 1628

    Thx for tip

    29 october 2019 19:55 1628

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