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    Can we send gems to another person

    Simple question can we send gems to another person atl level 6?

    9 august 2017 11:31 1628

    I don't think so.
    It's not possible and it's never a choice for the option.
    Maybe they will implement the feature in the future?

    2 june 2019 18:30 1628

    Yes you can, you can see the option for it in the get more tab on top then press the + more button, it's near the bottom of the page

    2 june 2019 19:09 1628

    Yeah and you need to be level 6 for that.

    2 june 2019 19:16 1628

    yes you can but it's not easy to do so as people already said you should be level 6 nowhere it's been said but probably your friend should be level 6 too, in case you are already level 6 go to gamehag.com/soulgems the option is at bottom of the page

    3 june 2019 06:06 1628

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