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    how many robux do u have?

    i have only 3 robux cuz i buy it t shirt and shirt pants avator torso and left arm right arm left feet right feet

    23 october 2019 09:06 1628

    oof i forgot i have only 1 robux hehehee

    23 october 2019 09:07 1628

    i have 4

    23 october 2019 18:53 1628

    oh know i have 20 robux my friend give it to me bbut he scammed me then i dont want to play luber tycoon i have alot of money and stuff like gift shark axe lava axe beta axe alpha axe wodo axe ginger axe 3 hatchat and more gift and somthing

    28 october 2019 09:26 1628

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