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    Why runes is not aviable?

    Do I do smth wrong?

    22 october 2019 21:53 1628

    I think the runes are just a rarer drop from chests and things but I am not sure.

    22 october 2019 22:19 1628

    They're always available but you don't usually get them, open the steam daily and weekly chests you'll definitely get some there.

    22 october 2019 22:23 1628

    It's all luck based on if you get a rune, just keep trying and you will get one eventually.

    22 october 2019 23:27 1628

    In my opinion the runes are a pretty common drop from discord giveaway chests, monthly giveaway chests and the other cheap chests.

    23 october 2019 02:12 1628

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