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    21 october 2019 17:40 1628

    i'd say they suck from my experience, i've been opening the free steam chest for like a week and half. and the most gems i got were 10. i've been getting nothing but terrible stuff. all i get are the dumb runes that do nothing and i sometimes get 5 gems when i'm lucky although most of time i get 1 gem. it is so freaking disappointing that i always get these rewards and then i have to wait 24 hours to get another soul gem. never once did i roll more than 10 gems from the steam chest. i now doubt that opening a chest will get me anything i want at all, cause all the chests have either the steam key or a rune in it (sometimes both). also the idea that i have to spend my time grinding shady free browser games to get a 100 soul gems is just so frustrating. i mean, this site is called gamehag yet it has games that only non-gaming fans would play. though i understand why major companies won't partner with gamehag. i will admit that the game of thrones game is pretty ok but it's still super grindy and you have to really invest your time in it. also i noticed that the descriptions of the "obtainable" games are rushed and have grammar mistakes, it's like they don't even care and just put it out there so that it looks ok enough. i'm not even sure if talking about the contracts is worth it. right now honestly i am very disappointed with gamehag. i dunno what i expected, but it wasn't this...

    21 october 2019 17:58 1628

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