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    Soul Calibur

    (4.53/5) 5611 rates

    Recommend against it

    I recommend that you don't play this game. The servers just don't work. I tried to do the task to get to level 80, got level 70 in the EU server, can't login there anymore, went to the US server and got level 76 and stuck again. On the other hand, if anybody knows a solution, I'll be happy to try it.

    21 october 2019 13:41 2821

    Yes, its very laggy sometimes. Need refreshes all the time :D
    But im still trying :D

    22 october 2019 17:13 2821

    How is this game? Is it worth playing to get jams on Gamehag?

    22 october 2019 22:21 2821

    And why do you have to do level 80 just for 35 jams? Doesn't it seem too convenient for us like that?

    22 october 2019 22:23 2821

    Can you play on the brauser or should you download sal?

    22 october 2019 22:25 2821

    You play it in the browser, I don't know if its worth it, but it takes like a week or less to get to level 80, and not much effort.

    22 october 2019 23:37 2821

    i kinda like the concept but its too much pay to win

    31 october 2019 18:40 2821

    don't play this game

    31 october 2019 19:39 2821

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