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    I’m sad...

    So recently I lost my Roblox account and i wanted robux for my new acc but is it true that it’s not possible I could get robux here?

    21 october 2019 11:45 1628

    I know losimg your own roblox account and not having some robux

    21 october 2019 12:35 1628

    Yes you can get Robux on Gamehag, if you complete enough tasks. Also this post is really sad indeed, it deserves to be a Bruh Moment.

    21 october 2019 15:37 1628

    Same i lost about 2k robux due to forgettinh pass and forgot to put email etc

    21 october 2019 15:45 1628

    yeh i also forgot to put my email :( the acc had 2 years of progress. im depressed

    21 october 2019 23:00 1628

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