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    The anime and manga are nice, but what do you guys think of the game?

    I'm not saying that this is a bad game, but I don't really feel like it lives up to the anime and manga.

    20 october 2019 21:30 2171

    It's a game just like every other games abit more strange for my taste, but it might be for some people their cup of tea. :) You never know if it's your cup of tea unless you try it tho!

    20 october 2019 23:00 2171

    Red owl in which grade are you? Its just you sound so smart xd

    22 october 2019 10:41 2171

    Она классная

    12 january 2020 10:30 2171

    Adventure Up! is a game inspired by dungeon crawlers, traditional MMORPGs, and more, all put into one cohesive experience. Conquer dungeons, master professions, customize equipment, your character, and more!

    16 january 2020 01:13 2171

    its not that good just my opinion

    18 january 2020 22:28 2171

    me too i dont like this game

    1 february 2020 16:22 2171

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