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    Professional Caster Blitz to coach the new Team Liquid

    Ex-professional Dota 2 player turned into a coach and then a professional caster once again will a walk into the path he were as a coach of one of Europe’s finest Team Liquid.
    William "Blitz" Lee began his career in 2013 when he has fully decided to leave school and go pro. He started out in a team from Korea and moved into different ones over the years until 2015 when he started to cast and coach. Following the disbandment of his last team as a professional player, he was invited to cast in The International 5 and then afterwards started coaching Team Liquid when KuroKy- was still on the roster. Later on he moved to Digital Chaos and even after they changed teams continued to coach the 5-man squad.
    In their iconic-duo, his long time casting partner, Austin "Capitalist" Walsh announced that they will still be able to cast together but as Blitz will have less time focusing in this work, he will be teaming up with Trent "TrentPax" MacKenzie.
    Anyone still remember the water bottle incident in TI9? It’s kinda sad that we wont see much of this duo but we gotta respect that this decisions will most likely be for the best of themselves.

    19 october 2019 06:41 5035

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