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    1) Daily log in 2) Writing news, guides...etc 3) leveling up is a good way to get Gems 4) you can use the gamehag app to complete tasks 5) open the daily steam chest that will give you a max of 1000 gems -if you are super lucky, I usually get 1 or 5 gems 6) you can play mini games to get gems as well but the games are not easy to let you know 7) play an actual game and take a screen shot after you finish it 8) you can activate runes for a higher chance of getting gems from the tasks 9) Report bugs and you'll get rewarded, it's nice to get reward for something good you make right? 10) collect as many gems as you can, there are rewards for the players who get the highest gems everyday These are 10 ways to get soul gems I hope that was helpful.

    16 october 2019 14:16 1628

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