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    I give up on finding a ios emulator with apple store

    well, i asked here, posted on Reddit, asked on and looked for it on youtube i failed to find a pc emulator for running ios meaning I cannot play games like lords mobile offers for game hag this thread is for those who still might have something for me that otherwise, I do not know about :(

    15 october 2019 17:16 1628

    Gameloop. I use gameloop on my pc to play android games and it's very good.

    15 october 2019 17:47 1628

    strictly talking about ios here but thanks for the suggestion

    15 october 2019 20:44 1628

    What are you play here

    15 october 2019 21:46 1628

    lords mobile for ios only talking about that game offer which is only for ios https://gamehag.com/games/lords-mobile you can see in appzone this offer in android but that doesnt work also final fantasy https://gamehag.com/games/final-fantasy-xiv both for ios only help

    17 october 2019 06:54 1628

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