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    What do you get when you buy the prepaid card?

    I want to buy the Visa 10$ prepaid card but I don't know if it is legit and what details I will need to fill to get the reward.

    14 october 2019 16:20 1628

    You get a code in your email account, with that you can make an account to have a digital version of your card or you can choose to have one send to you personally. I have ordered and received 2 20€ ones before without any problem

    14 october 2019 17:51 1628

    I've ordered that reward, it is legit!
    you get sent a link we're you fill out the information to use on the card. Then you have full access to the cards funds (depends on the amount you got. In this case $10) and you can spend those on whatever you please

    Just a little heads up: be careful with your personal info and who you give it to

    14 october 2019 23:37 1628

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