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    T1 make their first showing at VKGAME Battle of Dawn

    While we were still in the midst of The International 2019, T1 announced that they would be creating a Dota 2 division – reviving the Korean region in the game. Now it seems as though we will finally get to see the roster in action at VKGAME Battle of Dawn.
    Since 2017, there has not been a Korean squad that has graced the scene, but this changed when T1 – an organisation known for their Starcraft and League of Legends teams, announced that they would be entering the Dota 2 scene. While there has not been much news about the roster since then, other than the addition of Lee ‘Forev’ Sang-don, it seems that we might finally get to see this squad in action at the currently ongoing VKGAME Battle of Dawn event.
    The event features 12 teams from the Southeast Asia and China regions, fighting for a share of a¥500,000 ($70,000) prize pool. Many of the squads involved are well-known, while some are smaller teams of massive organisations such as; Vici Gaming Potential and Invictus Gaming Vitality. The event also features recent Chengdu Major qualifier Team Adroit and the likes of CDEC Gaming, EHOME and Newbee. However, the most interesting team at this tournament is possibly T1 which seem to have a full roster of players which is:
    Pyo ‘MP’ No-a
    James ‘XemistrY’ Lee
    Lee ‘Forev’ Sang-don
    MP and Forev are the most well-known players on the current roster, having played together at MVP Phoenix in 2016 before moving on to the likes of Fnatic and J.Storm, among other squads, respectively. XemistrY has also played alongside massive names in the game such as Kim ‘Velo’ Tae-sung and two-time TI winner Anathan ‘ana’ Pham during the World Electronic Sports Games 2018. However, the final two players to round out the roster are unknown and could possibly be rising pubstars of the region.
    This T1 roster will have their first showing tomorrow in the group stages of VKGAME Battle of Dawn and we will be watching closely to see how they fair and if the roster will be officially confirmed in the coming weeks.

    12 october 2019 08:47 5035

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