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    Player Ononz Battle Grounds known as Bobjee PUBG ( English : PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ) or yards anonymous players battles are intense players online game and game stay issued on March 23 2017 and is available on devices Windows , and Xbox Wen and released two versions in early 2018 platforms IOS and Android are developed by Tencent , which has teamed up with Bluhull to launch the game on mobile phones, and works with the same engine as the original. The original version was developed by Bluhull on the Anrill Engine 4. It contains Arabic. Contents 1 play style 2 game development 3 Professional professional competition 4 social effects 5 Block the game 5.1 India 5.2 Iraq 5.3 Jordan 6 See also 7 References 8 External links Play style The first-person or third-person shooter is played with 100 players, each aiming to be the last survivor. Players can choose between servers where the player is alone and not within a particular team, or servers that allow two or four people to participate in the team. In all cases, the last surviving person or team wins the game. At the start of each game, players jump from an airplane with a paragliding on an island without having any elements. Once they land, players can search buildings and other locations to find weapons , vehicles, and other equipment, which are randomly distributed throughout the map at the beginning of the game. Game development Leading designer Brendan Green, known for his online grip PlayerUnknown, previously created ARMA 2 mod DayZ: Battle Royale, a branch of the popular DayZ, inspired by Battle Royale in 2000. By the time he founded DayZ: Battle Royale, around 2013 Greene, who was born in Ireland, lived in Brazil for a few years as a photographer, graphic designer and web designer, and played video games such as Delta Force: Black Hawk Down and the US Army. Famous for his interest, DayZ mod, as a realistic military simulation and open game mode, began to play with a dedicated server, and learned programming as he walked. Greene found that most first-generation shooters are very frequent, taking into account the small, easy-to-memorize maps. He wanted to create something with more random aspects so that players don't know what to expect, which creates a high degree of replay ability; this was done by creating much larger maps that cannot be easily saved, and using a random placement of items across them. Greene was also inspired by an online competition for DayZ called Survivor GameZ, which included a number of Twitch.tv and YouTube players fighting until only a few remained. Because he wasn't a streamer himself, Green wanted to create a similar gameplay that anyone could play. His initial efforts in this modification were more inspiring than The Hunger Games novels, where players try to compete for weapons stocks in a central location, but they have moved away in part to give players a better chance of staying by posting weapons around them, also to avoid copyright issues with novels. In the inspiration from Battle Royale, Greene wanted to use square safe areas, but his lack of coding experience led him to use circular safe areas instead, which continued to the battlefields. Professional professional competition To celebrate the game with more than 2 million copies sold, Bluehole announced a 2017 charity event, inviting 128 players to compete on the official Twitch.tv fund-raising channel for the Gamers Outreach Foundation , with Bluehole donating a full $ 100,000 donation. . The competition began in early May 2017, raising at least US $ 120,000 of viewers, as well as the US $ 100,000 Bluehole match, and served as a prototype for future sports events for the game. . During the Gamescom eventIn August 2017, Bluehole and ESL organized the first tournament of the Battle Tournament, with a prize of $ 350,000. Separate events were held for single players, two player teams, two first-person players installed, and four-man teams. Each event appeared in three games, with the player or team scoring the highest points in all three winners selected. Green said that while he envisioned the shape of the royal battle to be a spectator sport since it was designed in ARMA II , their approach to making esport Battle grounds depends on taking "baby steps." Greene also said they would not actively pursue esports until the game was fully launched and all major errors were removed. The Gamescom 2017 event showed the logistics issues of running a large Battlegrounds tournament with a large number of players involved, and they worked alongside ESLTo explore how to do this effectively in the future. Moreover, Green stated that there is also a need to create a format to display the battlefield game to make it interesting for the viewers, which he believes will take some time to develop due to the emerging nature of the game, as it compares it to the first well-established personal shooters. An online multiplayer battlefield esport games . The 20-man Intel Team of 80 was held in Auckland in November 2017, with a prize of US $ 200,000. Social impacts Press reports talked about the impact of mobile games, most notably the game "PUBG", which caused divorce in some countries, and also caused fighting and killing between some players, and issued fatwas prohibiting the game because they believe addiction and hostility. Block the game In March 2019, PPJI was banned in the Indian state of Gujarat after the local government decided that the game was "highly addictive and violent" and unnecessary during the exam season. A number of students were arrested for violating laws. The ban was not renewed in some state cities after March, when the exam season ended. A similar ban was imposed in Nepal and Iraq in April 2019, citing reasons that the game was harmful to children and adolescents. The Supreme Court of Nepal lifted the ban in Nepal soon, saying the government could not impose such a prohibition, which contradicts personal freedoms without showing the reason for the ban. In mid-2019, Jordan and the province of Aceh were releasedIndonesian similar ban. India The Indian authorities have issued a formal prison sentence for anyone who plays Bubji inside Indian territory and has arrested 10 Indian teenagers. Iraq The Iraqi Council of Representatives unanimously approved a proposal to ban some famous electronic games (including the game Bebgi) in April 2019, citing its "negative" impact on young people, the report pointed out that the country has long been suffering from ****** conflicts on the ground, and the Parliament banned transactions Financial associated with those games. Jordan Jordan officially announced in early July 2019 banning the famous game `` Bebji '' fighting, and an official source in the Jordan Telecom Sector that all reports, most notably the report of the World Health Organization, confirmed that the game has significant negative results, most notably "addiction" and "nervousness and provocation" and "Social isolation" and "family disintegration", which prompted the Commission to ban implementation within Jordan.

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