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    Anyone had trouble logging in like me?

    Hello, for 8 days I've been unable to log in, when I tried the website loaded for more than minutes. Sometimes it showed 'Try again later' message by Misty. Typed in incorrect password, thinking it should show some message, but it didn't do anything either. Fortunately now I can log in again, but was that only me suffering from this issue? I was about to contact Gamehag via Discord, but no need to do that now.

    9 october 2019 17:01 1628

    This is a common issue now, an easy fix to it is changing your password and having it automatically sign in to GameHag, I wish I could give you a hint of why this occurs but I'm clueless too.

    9 october 2019 17:56 1628

    Clearing the browser cookies and caches might fix the issue.

    9 october 2019 18:38 1628

    I had this problem before. I tried to login via Android app but nothing happened.

    9 october 2019 18:47 1628

    Yeah i did this morning but not anymore

    9 october 2019 23:32 1628

    Thx for your replies first. Strange, I didn't expect there to be someone else with this same issue, but now I think it is more common than I had thought.
    To help anyone including the Support, I use Secret Mode of Chrome almost every day, except when I have to use my smartphone (which is rare for me). Still, I might try clearing cookies and caches, as aidenpearce001 said.

    10 october 2019 17:03 1628

    yea I had the same problem with my old account, but with the new one I registered and hope I will never log out.

    10 october 2019 20:31 1628

    just update windows lolz xd

    10 october 2019 21:51 1628

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