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    chat for roblox

    chat for roblox

    2 october 2019 04:55 2173

    Whats everyone been playing on roblox recently?

    2 october 2019 05:17 2173

    Because it's the best game

    2 october 2019 05:17 2173

    But they unbanned and banned pewdiepie though.

    2 october 2019 09:14 2173

    That's not very nice y'now.

    2 october 2019 09:15 2173

    Awful game, its the same as Lords mobile with a touch of GoT, the campaign battle is way too hard, heavily monetized, connection is way too laggy, i had to click it in rage for several times for it to works especially on the "claim" button, you could pay your way to the max level if you are willing to spend hundreds if not thousands. Overall not a good game, the same shmuck of a lazy developer aiming for the big bucks instead of the content, but the model for the character is the only good thing in this game. Oh and before i forgot, its very buggy where sometimes the music just cut out of nowhere and theres some other bugs i forgot.

    2 october 2019 14:15 2173

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