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    air battles us planes

    just a little detail for new people alot like to start in american aircraft I would recomend starting in any axis nation as they are more balanced and you will win more matches but if you want to start in us planes let me break a few basics down for you. 1. us planes gernaly are not turn fighters with a few exceptions like f2a and early reserve planes. 2. us planes are either boom and zoom or energy fighters. lets talk boom and zoom the basics is get above your enemy and dive on them and shoot them as you zoom past if you miss you don't turn around you keep going regain your altitude and then make a new pass. this is just basics its alot more complicated you will need to learn to how to avoid head on attacks etc but that comes with practice. now energy fighting is completely diffrent it starts the same get altitude advantage then use your altitude to build energy you then try to maintain that energy speed by controling your manuvers and makeing the enemy lose his energy slow planes are dead planes. what you will learn flying us planes is that axis planes have advantage over you in almost every way but speed in most cases. be patient don't rush into the fray pick your moment first guy in to battle is first guy out of battle. also as an allied player you will always be out numbered so keep looking around allied nations have the best attackers for ground pounding so half if not more of your team will be bombers and ground attackers axis teams don't have alot of good attackers so they will have more fighters you will have to be better then average pilot if you wish to ever succed. but don't let this all get you down if you can make it into the 6.7 battle ranking things start to change as allies currently have the best jets hope this helps a little and good luck

    30 september 2019 02:55 11

    I reccomend that in terms of planesx you guys do the german ones. This is because in the early game, people are new and don't have things like boom and zoom tactics. They basically just turn as much..

    1 october 2019 14:16 11

    ..as possible. Also for tanks, they are quicker battles so sometimes getting the wins in shorter, but its harder to win tank battles. For tanks try russian or german tanks. I reccomend the pz 38 t

    1 october 2019 14:18 11

    Bi ara oynuyordum warthunderde sonradan oynamamaya başladım

    2 october 2019 15:11 11

    Ama güzel oyun gerçekten

    2 october 2019 15:12 11

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