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    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

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    rejections after rejections

    pls can someone tell me why they always reject me like did i do something wrong i am sendind a screenshot of my level 8th tower and they reject it when the task is lvl 5 is needed pls misty, anyone help me i am waiting for so long and not being recognized

    23 september 2019 20:06 4117

    Try to contact them and say that your task has been rejected but you didthe task rigth and it keeps getting rejected.... then they say somthing and maby fix it... remeber if it doesnt work when you got rejected try sending screenshot and then asking

    19 october 2019 21:19 4117

    efsfesfrdg rdgrdgåröädåg¨ådrög¨rådög'rdåögåödr¨ög¨drö ågrd g drg

    19 october 2019 21:32 4117

    ty a lot my friends

    20 october 2019 17:34 4117

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