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    always rejects me

    what to do it always reejcts me and takes veeeery long time to actual reject me i am waiting a lot pls help

    23 september 2019 19:58 2176

    Go to your mission and take a screen shot XD you'll see it

    23 september 2019 20:48 2176

    Lol you dont know what it is to be rejected every time idiot

    28 september 2019 12:29 2176

    I would like to know it too, i made a screen shot in my mission page, that is the only place where you can find the number of your victories. I tryed 2 times, i got rejected on both, so i just deleted the game. I'm feel like it's waste of time to complete task like this. I've tryed with the World of Warship's first task (3 times rejected)...
    On this site no one knows why gamehag rejects the screenshots (in my opinion they cannot accept all of them, because they want to get profits too.)
    I'd say that try to earn soul gems by watching adds in the mobil app of gamehag. (This is the best way, because it's profitable for you and also profitable for the website, because they earn real money for it). (btw it's 50-100 sg/day)

    28 september 2019 14:22 2176

    Ty a lot

    28 september 2019 14:50 2176

    your welcome

    1 october 2019 23:32 2176

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