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    Why when I download a game it doesn't give me the gems?

    I am having a problem and im new to this someone help?

    20 september 2019 11:03 1628

    If ur talking about what I think you are talking about then you dont nead to install any games just watch an add and you will get a gem

    20 september 2019 12:56 1628

    you need to make something more just to download it

    20 september 2019 13:37 1628

    I think u need to take a picture if it

    20 september 2019 13:45 1628

    It's not just downloading the game, you need to make sure you use the link here to get to the download or game page, then you need to complete the task(s) and send a screenshot of the completed task, also be sure to use the same nickname in the game as you use here

    20 september 2019 14:04 1628

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