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    crossfire dead?

    can someone tell me if this game is dead. I know the fact that this game was trending between 2010ish, and ive remembered it playing when i was in elementary school.

    20 september 2019 02:54 897

    I havnt played it in ages , i have no idea if it's still alive, well I rememebr it was quite popular among my Chinese friends

    22 september 2019 10:45 897

    i have rank bar on my accaunt

    22 september 2019 10:52 897

    It's still one of the highest grossing online games in the world, but now it only has Chinese servers, because most of the game's players are Chinese, but it was originally developed in South Korea.

    19 march 2020 03:12 897

    and now there are no Japanese servers, no Korean servers, no other servers

    19 march 2020 03:13 897

    YE, its good but now dead :( RIP!

    28 march 2020 05:39 897

    crossfire is still famous on my country tho. so its kinda not dead

    28 march 2020 09:28 897

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