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    Chests - comment your drops please

    so, I've been just wondering… what are the actual chances of getting which items from the chests? the Steam one seems to be like 99% chance of 1 soul gem and the others I bought always dropped 'random steam key' or rune regardless which chest it was, so here is that…….

    19 september 2019 20:32 1628

    Gems, Chest always drop useless shit

    20 september 2019 04:03 1628

    Yeah the chest are a big scam.

    20 september 2019 04:52 1628

    The chests seem real fishy. Iḿ gonna just buy the rewards, and I suggest you do the same.

    20 september 2019 08:45 1628

    The chest system is something like any betting system statisticly you loose more than you earn

    20 september 2019 12:58 1628

    But there is that 1 chance tho when you can profit

    20 september 2019 12:59 1628

    In this video I talk about gaining SG (Soul Gems) on the GameHag platform. There are three ways you can take advantage of GA in GameHag and in the video I tell you what they are. Check out.

    And if you do not have a GameHag account yet, go to the link below to register and get more information.

    20 september 2019 13:04 1628

    the chest kare not so good

    20 september 2019 13:36 1628

    Runes. Always runes.

    21 september 2019 14:29 1628

    if anyone from Gamehag mods reads this, I'd like to know if they've been at least considering the possibility that they would add percentual info publicly viewable about the drops to the crates

    5 october 2019 20:34 1628

    One time i opened 6 bayonet chests and yet i got guns JUST GUNS! I am furious about this stupid system i wasted6000 gems i had (5700 gems) on just these chests and yet i only got guns and there are only 3 guns, i hate this chest system they need to fix it immediately. and why am i complaining about guns you may ask, well the chest costs 1000 gems and 2 guns only get you 200 gems and the last one only 400 gems, im not gonna lie i straight up cried when i just recieved guns. This is why gamehag's chests are stupid to the point of it should be sent to the last lair of the underground so it could burn to death. it may not look i have spent 6000 gems but i had a old account and i deleted it out of frustration.

    16 october 2019 10:34 1628

    dont buy them i opened monthly chest ( you can search these drops) and I got random key ( 1 dollar game)

    16 october 2019 14:15 1628

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