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    Help me for uploading my video on gamehag

    There is no oprion for uploading the video on gamehag help me please.

    19 september 2019 17:40 1628

    Pryvet asi ne

    19 september 2019 18:07 1628

    dont know how to do.

    19 september 2019 19:13 1628

    you upload to youtube promoting gamehag on youtube then share link in section then its reviewed after 3 days if your video has performed well you'll get sgs
    after checking i think they removed this option and are directly contacting influencers on youtube to promote gamehag pls contact misty and share information too

    19 september 2019 19:55 1628

    You have misty to ask when need.
    You upload the video to your channel and copy the it then paste the URL in the last box

    26 september 2019 06:57 1628

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