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    League Of Legends

     WELCOME TO SUMMONER’S RIFT! That’s the first thing you hear when you open League of Legends, for the more intimate player’s LoL. If you already had played the game you sure will know.

      Hello! Guys and “Gurls” and everything good in this world, (wow that was a really bad one!).

    I’m here with letter’s and words to talk, explain, and show how LoL works!

    First of all! If you’re an old school LoL player like myself that plays since season 1, you will notice a lot have changed and also the community and people that play the game! :D

    • What is LoL?!
         League Of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) free to play, created by the company Riot Games in 2009 (HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY LOL).
    • How to play and how it works?!

       The game consists in break the opponent nexus, simple right?! blZtP7pVFgYoQ9DKi2iYf8DFrRFalW.jpg  But how?! You questioning, it's not quite what we thing!
         Well before get to the nexus you will have to pass throw more objectives, like tower’s and inhibitor.Lci2gbpdudF4PppLvaGAEizERRhVdi.jpg

    For you to get throw all of this objctives, first of all you will have to pick one Champion!
    • What's a Champion?
             Champion is the charecter you will choose on the charecter select screen, you will have to choose between 145 Champions.
       Each champion have a diferent role, and roles are divide for different types of playstyle.
    There's the Assassin, Mage, Support, Marksman, Tank, Fighter remembering that all of the champions and have a principal and a secondary role!
    • Assassins: Let us start well! Assassins are a type of champion, that have the function of killing easier targets as fast as they can, they normaly do a "Burst" of damage in the moment killing the oppenent on the time or letting him in really low health. Most of assassins are melee and they can be placed Top, Jungle, Middle and Bottom lane, being Mid and Jungle the most used.

    • Mage: Mages or APC (Abilitie Power Carry) - Are a type of champion that are meant to kill as fast as they can with their spells dealing magic damage, most of the mages have low mobility and defense and are ranged. They are normally place on the Middle (mid) lane or Bottom Lane.

    • Support: Are type of champion that each abilitie is specifically made to aid the rest of the team with heals, shields and buffs that make the teammates stronger and more powerfull, supports aswell have the fuction of paying attention to map warding it and giving vision to the team. They are normally place on the Bottom Lane.

    • Marksman: ADC (Abilitie Damage Carry) Are ranged with low defense champions that are meant to kill using the auto attack with the help of their spells, they normally do physicall damage. They are normally place on the Bottom Lane with the Support Role.

    • Tank: Tanks are meant to take all kind of damage, and their of objects are not being as defenless as the other's roles, they aswell dont deal as much as damage but they can compensate with useful their "crowd control".

    • Fighter: Fighter's champions that have alot as sustain as damage, that means they can survive long and they can deal a really good amount of damage.

    Here's a panel i made myself: Ij56IBM2oapsrShvoWDP5SnslQgskA.png
      Every champion have a different name, personality and a history, year by year Riot keeps rewriting and changing the story of some champions that are not as specific, or are incomple, this makes us more interrested about the game and character's, it's a funny way to look at a bit of yourself on the game.

    • Lanes: There's 3 different lanes and one jungle every lane have a different gameplay style and way to play it.
           Top Lane
           Mid Lane
           Bottom Lane

    • In every lane consists in farming the maximum of minions possible, earning the maximum of money to buy better items in the shop, every champion have a different way to build items, normaly the items are recommended on the page of the shop but you can personalize them whenerver you want. There's several combinations for different champions!!

    • Top -- It´s a Solo champion on the Top lane, normaly they stick in top lane as time they can, playin in Top lane is a constant fight for the minions and trying to poke each other the maximum they can.
    • Mid -- It´s a Solo champion on the Middle lane aswell, expect on middle have the function of farming (all lanes need it), fighting to kill faster getting stronger to destroy the tower or roam to help such lane as Top and Bot
    • Bot -- It´s a Duo lane means it's played with 2 champion one Marksman and one Support, Bottom Lane function is to play safe as they can, and destroy the tower, in team fights Marksman are best for poking and making damage while the enemys are focusing on the other's team mates.
    • Jungle -- It´s a Solo, not a lane but as important as it. THE JUNGLER! by it's name we can know that it's played between the map lanes, it consists and farming neutral monster's that give some sort of buff and help for the player, the jungler's role consists more in helping the team mates lane by ganking (helping the lane) them, being role that is necessary alot of map control.
     In the jungle aswell there's the big buffs that are disputed by both teams, being they the Dragons, The Rift Herald, Baron Nashor!

    • Dragon´s - There´s 5 (4 Elemental 1 Elder) Dragon's all of them with different effects :
    • Mountain Drake - The Mountain Drake grants additional damage as true damage to epic monsters as well as turrets.
    • Infernal Drake - The Infernal Drake increases AP and AD.
    • Cloud Drake - The Cloud Drake grants bonus movement speed while out of combat. 
    • Ocean Drake - The Ocean Drake restores your missing health and missing mana.
    • Elder Dragon - The Elder Dragon grants a bonus for every Elemental dragon stack in true damage on all spells and basic attacks against non-turrets over 3 seconds.

    • Rift Herald - Slaying the Rift Herald drops the Eye of the Herald in the pit for 40 seconds that can be picked up by one member of the slayer's team, it grand the ability to summon the Rift Herald to push a lane.

    • Baron Nashor -  Killing Baron Nashor grants Hand of Baron to all living teammates for 210 seconds. The buff gives bonus attack damage, bonus ability power, Empowered Recall, and an aura that greatly increases the power of nearby minions.xbRu1157U0eqPd3prNBK7qRhW2Mjfx.jpg

    • Maps in League!

    League of Legends have it favorite and the most played map Summoner's Rift, but did you know, there's more maps? YES!!

     In league exists the famous ->
    Summoner's Rift ( It's the classical 5vs5 players mode)
    All Random All Mid more known as ARAM
    (5vs5 player's im one single lane in a different map)
     Twisted Treeline ( It's a different map were player can confront them self as 3v3)

     In conclusion all of you should try league, you guys will find it fun and will get used to it, will learn more about the game with time! Of course there's more to talk about specially about most people favorite part - ranked games, will not talk about it because i want people to think of LoL as a fun game to play with friends, being ranked stressfull and highly competive, Guys Rememeber IT'S A GAME!! 

         Everything good for you Thank You :D

    17 september 2019 12:11 1625

    Все очень прекрасно так давай еще новые статьи !! обязательно поиграю в предложенное

    17 september 2019 18:55 1625

    This is intersting game, but I am very bad in this

    18 september 2019 11:38 1625

    me too

    18 september 2019 14:18 1625

    nice its good

    18 september 2019 17:17 1625

    best game i like being mid

    19 september 2019 16:40 1625

    the game is fun

    19 september 2019 17:29 1625

    very good game man I like it

    19 september 2019 17:44 1625

    so I am playing it and I like it

    19 september 2019 17:44 1625

    what else is there to play tbh

    19 september 2019 17:44 1625

    whatever u say lol is best game

    19 september 2019 17:44 1625

    have a nice day bros

    19 september 2019 17:44 1625

    That isnt the best game

    19 september 2019 18:13 1625

    I do not really like it

    19 september 2019 18:14 1625

    мне не нравится эа игра

    19 september 2019 19:43 1625


    20 september 2019 12:41 1625

    Good game so many noob no game brain Just killing and score

    20 september 2019 14:01 1625

    im thinking about downloading LoL

    22 september 2019 07:46 1625

    good game and very hard to play

    26 september 2019 09:10 1625

    thats a pretty good game

    26 september 2019 14:22 1625

    like the look of the game

    26 september 2019 16:51 1625

    its cool i like it

    26 september 2019 16:52 1625

    i might try the game

    26 september 2019 16:52 1625

    bence bu oyun çok güzel bu oyunun hilesini yapmasınlar yoksa boku çıkar 😆

    26 september 2019 19:06 1625

    i love so much league of legends great artcile bro

    26 september 2019 19:20 1625

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