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    I am not getting any gems from watching ads from appzone

    It is saying to complete some other task. And I completed around 5 quizzes. Still, the Same message Appearing and it is not ging me gems. Please help. Any help is appreciated.

    16 september 2019 05:03 1628

    you can get only 100 gems from watching apps per 24 hours i think ^_^

    16 september 2019 05:40 1628

    Ntr în care am vazut ca era o roata de rezerva si vrea sa ne cunoastem mai bine de unde esti la scoala o sa vin mai Zici nimic nu vorbim despre

    16 september 2019 08:04 1628

    Also I am not getting a single gem from ads, that's why i stopped using that feature 2 months ago. please address my issue.

    16 september 2019 20:20 1628

    Yes, appzone broke for me too ~3 weeks ago.
    No matter how many SG I earn from contracts, appzone still says "need to do other tasks before..."
    Also my exp bar seems to be stuck too.

    Support (Misty) told me they are going to fix it but well they yet to to that. They sure take their time...

    16 september 2019 22:16 1628

    Thanks thunderdome2000 for addressing my issue. I am no longer worried now.

    17 september 2019 07:38 1628

    Perhaps you should too write to Misty and tell about this problem!

    Make sure you specifically mention that your complain is NOT about contracts not giving SGs.
    I had to write 3 ticket before they finally understood that.

    I wonder how many users are affected by this issue. Most of them probably just abandoned the site.

    17 september 2019 09:22 1628

    Ok I will write Ticket for this problem.

    18 september 2019 19:53 1628

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