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    24 hour Banned for talking to support.

    i am very new to this site i LOVE gamekit.com and suggest anyone new here to go to gamekit.com.

    I have been doing the game tasks. i follow instructions Very Very carefully and i do not send in screenshots of invalidly completed tasks. basically if this was gamekit.com i would probably still be waiting for acceptance but w.e. thats not the point..
    On gamekit.com i may still be waiting for a reply... But i would Not have recieved autobot autodeclines on every single task i complete. I would not have to send ticket after ticket after ticket just to start the acceptance progression.. i would not recieve rude and pointless replies to my tickets


    i sent a ticket Clearly stating all the facts about how i created the account in their link, confirmed e-mail, never played before, ect, ect. To get a reply of "create account with our link, confirm e-mail, never played game before, ect , ect.

    I sent a ticket stating the fact that i have sent in 5 screenshots with all the task information showing properly and completed and that it is time for them to click the auto-reply button"Hi!, Your task has been accepted" and that it is time for a real person to look at my screenshot. they replied "Hi! Your task has been accepted." but did not accept the task till more tickets were sent !!!THIS SHOWS THEY DO READ TICKETS!!! (this is good.. but if they choose just to be rude and troll new people..its not good and will drive off anyone we would try to refer to this site .... )

    they force you to send screen after screen after screen .. like say the three tasks are get to lvl 5.. get to lvl 10... get to lvl 20.... and you send in a screen of you getting to lvl 20 as your first screenshot.. after several tickets to staff when your first task finally gets accepted... instead of doing like gamekit.com and autocompleting the other tasks.. it makes you start the ticket process all over again.... ( i literally had all the wins/golden eagles needed for the 3 tasks within 24 hours of playing war thunder.. but due to how this site decides to function it took 5 days of non stop back and forth tickets to get the 3 completes.

    They auto close tickets after they autoreply .. some autoreplys say contact me again if you need more help or something along those lines, then they autoclose the convo, ... stop the bad automation.... take more time to respond to our stuff but do it right or drive us away....

    the actual rewards..... Great reward list, several items brought me here to test this site.. main thing that caught my eye was the delivery time of upto 24 hours .. gamekit takes around 2 weeks.. but yhea i got to level 3 got like 7000 points ( After hours and hours of writing tickets instead of playing the games) ordered my gift and really really hoped this site could live up to one of its advertisments.. but nope its been 36 hours now and no gift surprise surprise... I don't care to be honest they could give it to me within a year its just the false advertisement that gets to me. why do they need to lie..

    As for the ticket i sent that gave me my 24 hour ban yes i swore.. probably quite a bit. usually autoreply bots wouldn't care about that and just autoreply autoclose ticket.. but as stated earlier they do read the tickets..at least some of them... anyhow the ticket was about magic the gathering tasks ...( i created my account like 3 days ago, probably have done all the tasks already but idk what the other 2 are yet) they continue to auto-decline task stating i have not created an account.... (i understand how these sites make their money from referals and it takes time for the sites to communicate data to each other and they need to confirm that we are refered by them before they give points or they would not make money...) I suggested to them to stop auto-declining tasks, to take more time to verify tasks, .... i suggested a bunch of improvements they could impliment i suggested to remove any false advertising... i explained how i know they do read tickets (some of them) and yes i did throw in a bunch of caplocks to emphisize certain points and i told them how i was going to confirm several bad reviews i seen about them on reddit .. i also requested that they get a person to look into my tasks... harmless stuff .... but instead of a reply i get the banhammer ... tbh idc it gives me a day to actually play games instead of ticketing LOL

    pretty much writing this to see if they are going to perma me or not xD would be great stuff for reddit

    15 september 2019 18:28 1628

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