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    War Thunder

    (4.39/5) 13250 rates

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    This game ia awesome BUT... the team players are the worst... everytime i LOSE because of them.

    Yes it is true.

    11 september 2019 10:23 11

    The WT playerbase and the word teamwork doesnt go well togheter lol

    11 september 2019 23:14 11

    It kind of gets better when you get into higher tiers, where players are using more tactical approach. In lower tiers players are always rushing without using covers.

    10 november 2019 19:59 11

    1.0-2.0 is the worst rating to play in. Try to make up to 3.0-6.0, This is the best place where you can't find so much retards. But thanks to the premium vehicles, there are still players, who are taking your fun away

    20 november 2019 21:46 11

    Sometimes they just stand there and doing nothing and also the enemy team too

    16 january 2020 18:23 11

    it's because in the lower tiers, the game is filled with bot players, you would detect them with monotone names(being nothing special)

    18 january 2020 03:08 11

    Yeah, I try to play with my teammates and not against them, if a small population can work together, it might inspire others.

    18 january 2020 04:41 11

    High tier = campfest. Low tier = a few campers and bots. Realistic mode is actually unplayable, everyone is just camping. Every second game is a 1 capture point game in the middle of nothing...

    21 january 2020 13:50 11

    Maybe not only the players are the problem. Maybe tanks aren't your stong suit try playing with battleships?

    24 january 2020 12:55 11

    well I guess it is the situation that happens in every online competetive game lol, especially in war game and fps haha, u have to realize that all these teammates are cute and part of the funny game XD

    25 january 2020 08:53 11

    This is a teamgame you might been unlucky recent games.Keep going!

    25 january 2020 16:56 11

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