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    This War Of Mine Review

    This War of Mine was released in 2014 and takes place in the years 1992-1996. This War of Mine is a very unique game, it shows us the harsh lifestyle in time of war, the goal of the game is survival, you face lots of challenges that force the player to make very hard decisions. I have almost 20 hours in this game and I still play it when I get bored and I want to play a strategy game. I can't talk about this game's story because you make your own story so I'm going to talk more about the gameplay and my opinion. brKPgiAxe7vce2plFEWBoWwbXEtCel.jpgGameplay When you start you have to build your scenario, you can pick up to 4 persons to play with. The games offer you a number of persons but you also have the option to import characters from the workshop. You can also build your character, name him and play with him. After you finish selecting your group you can select the building you want to be able to loot and the type of loot you will find. For example, in some buildings, you can choose to find terrorists or just loot. The group starts either in an abandoned apartment building or in a huge house with a treehouse in the back. When they arrive everything is not looted and you can collect all the loot to start building beds, stoves, etc. At the end of each day you have to pick what each person is going to do in that night, someone can either sleep on the floor, scavage for loot, sleep in the bed, guard. Looting: If you pick someone to loot you will also have to pick the location and what tools/weapons to take with him, after that you get to that location , there is a limited time to loot , if you don't go back until morning the character will not be usable for that day and he will come back the next day.In order to loot you just have to click on the icon above the loot. Guard: To prevent getting robbed you have to make sure that someone is guarding in the night if someone attacks the guard he will use bullets if you have any, if you don't he will use any weapon and might get hurt in the process. Sleeping: Every character needs to sleep, they can either sleep in the night or the day, if they are sick, sleep can be a huge help. If they don't sleep enough they won't be able to run and just walk slowly. Image result for this war of mine Food: Food is the most important thing in the game if the group will not get food eventually they will die. You can cook food at the Stove, you have to pay 10 components and 4 wood to build it. After that, you can cook 1 meal(1 meat, 5 water, 2 fuel) or 2 meals(1 meat, 1 vegetable, 6 water, 2 fuel) but it costs less if you upgrade the stove also there is a character named Bruno, he is a good cook , he's able to cook the same food for fewer resources. Water: Water is only used for food, to grow vegetables, making alcohol and growing herbs. To get water, you can either build a Rainwater Collector which uses filters(3 components), you can also use snow but only in the winter. Traits: Each person is good at something, for example, Marin, he's a Handyman. Marin can upgrade/craft things for fewer materials. There are lots of traits in this game, some of them are very useful like Good Cook, Handyman, Trained In Combat, etc.. Combat: The combat depends on the type of weapon you use if you have a close-range weapon like a knife, crowbar, etc.. you have to get close. You can hide in some spots and take down the enemies with a stab in the back. You can take cover behind doors and furniture when you use a fire weapon. gL3U0xcexTKfQzvEZgVWDnuQLMI6Pi.png How to win the game: If you want to win the game you have to survive the war, when you start the game you can select how many days you want the war to last. If your group dies you will lose the game, if someone dies you have a chance for a random survivor to come to your shelter and ask if he can join you. Trader: Every 3 days a person named Franko comes to the shelter for trading, he likes weapons and he usually has lots of items. There are other traders but you need to go to them and if you steal from them they will attack you. Weather: In the winter you have to make sure that everyone will not get sick from the cold, to do that you can build a Heater which uses fuel and you can also fix the holes in the shelter, doing that will increase the overall temperature but not to much. When you create the world you can select when the winter is coming and how bad it is going to be. Image result for This war of mine winter Review In my opinion, the game is one of the best strategy games ever. It costs 19 euro on steam but you can get it for less than 5 euro on the internet. I really like the way you build your game, every playthrough on youtube is different, everyone has a unique story and cand build a unique group of survivors. There is also the DLC The Little Ones which brings in kids in the game. I like the way they force you to make a decision, you can either steal or starve in some cases, the abandoned loot is limited and eventually, you will have to steal and kill in order to survive. Overall I like this game a lot and if you like strategy games you should definitely give it a shot.

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