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    I need ANSWERS!!!

    Can someone who actually completed the first task and got accepted, please tell me what you did and how you did it? I've been on this for a week now and Misty is no help what so ever.

    9 september 2019 04:57 2176

    she always reject my things

    15 september 2019 00:40 2176

    yea she hasnt accepted mine either yet

    15 september 2019 12:57 2176

    I've done all 3 - you only need to create a new support ticket through ''Misty'' in you friend list, everytime it gets rejected, hope this helps.

    15 september 2019 14:06 2176

    Try twice, if it gets rejected both times then make a ticket with Misty and it should get sorted.

    18 september 2019 18:50 2176

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