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    Terraria 1.4 Stuff + Thoughts

    No, not the Series 4 Doctor Who Finale! I'm talking about Terraria. Hello everyone, my name is InvisibleInquisitor, also known as InvizInquiz, and I'll be talking about the last major update in Terraria, 1.4: Journey's end, and the things I found to be rather cool! Journey's End: Items and Features Galore! If you haven't watched the trailer for it already, go ahead, I've left a link in this article! Terraria 1.3.6, was the centre of hype for a while, in the Terraria community, and for good reason! It was actually what 1.4 was known as before it was expanded into what it is now. I'm not supposed to give my opinion, but, I think this is where the fun begins! Let's say, you're a little bored of Terraria, you've completed Expert Mode, and now everything's easy as pie, well, with the announcement of Master Mode! I think this is going to add another dimension to speedrunning, especially for the more obscure runs, like the Dungeon Guardian, which, if you didn't know, is indeed killable, and drops, the Bone Key. (Which summons a little skull pet. Slightly scary, but kinda cute) Speaking of Master Mode, be careful not to leave your gravestones lying around, or you might be faced with the brand new Graveyard mini-biome! (Although, you may need to actively place them, and they might not be naturally occurring. I don't know the mechanics yet) This could be extremely useful for anyone interested in farming materials from monsters. We will also have the new Oasis mini-biome alongside it, and three distinct types of moss for the underground. Xenon OfRPIPVriFHdPoVbnxYQWF5UvdChUB.PNG Krypton I1g5B7LJLyDZxAl6jxDxvzi71w5k8X.PNG Argon XWl1i1a60QSwnZnkFjeHByXWc3e8Ky.PNG This could be a very clever and innovative material for builders, and there's more good news for builders too! Block replacement for anyone who wants to update their houses, and of course, Creative Mode! I think loads of people have wanted this for a long time, and it's very exciting to hear the announcement. We, unfortunately, don't know much about it, but Cenx says that we will have to work towards certain items, and we won't be given everything at once. While I do like that idea, I do think that this could lead to a lot of grinding and could wear out players quickly. However, if executed well, it could add a lot of replayability. The Bestiary is going to be a great addition, as an in-game mini encyclopedia for Monsters and Bosses. I'm unsure whether NPCs or creatures that aren't hostile will be included, but I'm guessing that it might not be apart of it. Golfing is also going to be an addition, and I'm wondering if this could be kind of like the Angler. Like, the NPC gives you quests, you complete them, and then you get exclusive rewards, but, maybe it's just a fun mini-game on the side. I think this is a welcome addition and yet another plus for builders! There are also going to be new items, two, in particular, have caught my eye. The Dune-Rider boots, I could see these being an upgrade of the Ice Skates for the desert, or serve as a combination of the skates with Hermes boots. The Void Vault also looks very interesting, as it could be used like the flying piggy bank to take with you on the go, we'll just have to wait and see! This update will be 100% free for people who own Terraria and those who buy it! Not to worry, no DLC shenanigans here! "But Inquisitor!", I hear you cry. "What if I absolutely plough through this update's contents, and become bored again! There's going to be no major updates, right?" Well, my friend, the modding community is still going strong! The Calamity Mod, Terraria Overhaul, and many others are just waiting for you to play, so you can get the best of your Terraria copy that way too! There was also talk of Terraria 2, no not Terraria: Otherworld, that was cancelled, but there could be a new sequel. So, hang out for that, however, this could be just a rumour! Well, those were some of the things I found to be interesting in the Journey's End trailer, and the things we've heard from the Terraria team. If I've gotten something wrong here, please tell me, and I'll try to fix it. Thank you very much, and I'll see you later! - InvisibleInquisitor. Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StRvxSf_sMw https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Upcoming_features#cite_note-cenxcreative-3

    8 september 2019 16:06 3026

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