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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    (4.62/5) 1593 rates

    talking about cs:go

    cs:go known as counter strike global offensive. this game is very realistic first person shooter game. it is full with different kinds of guns, knifes, gloves and their skins which we get from this amazing website. cs:go has got a lot of maps and gamemodes: competitive, casual, deathmatch, wingman, war game and danger zone. competitive is a 5v5 skill based gamemod. casual is a 10v10 not skill based gamemode. deathmatch is a gamemode where you have to get the most kills before end of the round and every tine you dye you respawn. wingman is a 2v2 skill based gamemode. war game is same as gun game every time you kill someone you get a new weapon and the first to kill everyone with every weapon and one knife wins. danger zone is a battle royale gamemode where the last one alive "standing" wins. you drop down from the air and have to find weapons to kill others. this is my favorite game and this is why i wrote this and it took me a while. i do not even know if this is going to give me any soul gems but i do not care.

    8 september 2019 12:23 808

    i hope everyone likes it

    8 september 2019 12:23 808

    I like it

    8 september 2019 12:27 808

    don't woory

    8 september 2019 12:35 808

    dont wory be happy (dont wory be hapy)

    8 september 2019 12:41 808


    8 september 2019 13:40 808

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