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    Magic: The Gathering Arena

    (3.34/5) 1724 rates

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    Soul Gems

    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Cast 12 white or blue spells

    Cast 12 white or blue spells

    How do I check my progress with how many cards I've cast? Does it count those in the tutorial?

    7 september 2019 04:22 3433

    I'm having the same issue. There is literally no way to prove you've finished the task. There isn't anywhere that displays history or stats in the game. The only thing I can think of is there must be a quest that is cast 12 spells. The problem with that is you only get one quest every 24 hours. I believe they are random, so you will need good favor from the RNG gods to get it.

    Even then, I'm not so sure there is a way to prove the quest is complete. I think when you finish ingame quests, it flashes the reward and doesn't display the details of the objective.

    7 september 2019 16:09 3433

    Also, your name isn't displayed on the same screen. My best guess is that there is a daily quest in game that is use 15+ spells. That way you'll need to take a screen of the quest progress; For example 12/15 spells cast. Along with your registration e-mail in a seperate window included in the shot.

    7 september 2019 18:07 3433

    I took a screenshot of a quest that said "Cast 20 Blue or Green Spells", and I got accepted

    11 september 2019 03:22 3433

    Good to know WinterSoldier thanks. I'll give it a whirl. Been 4 days and still no luck getting the cast white/blue quest to show up.

    11 september 2019 21:10 3433

    Why would the make something random chance lol I am confused. Anyone know for sure what exactly to do?

    11 september 2019 22:03 3433

    twe to wan zero basladi kavga sdona galan heroo

    12 september 2019 19:00 3433

    Is magic the gathering still alive ?

    22 september 2019 10:54 3433

    Never knew this was even a game until now lol seems ok though!

    23 september 2019 14:37 3433

    You basically have to get the quest that requires you to cast at least 12 white or blue spells, as long as it contains white or blue and you have done enough of the quest to count 12, it should be verified.

    27 september 2019 23:12 3433

    i was runing blue red black combination yo, it was fun but now its taken out

    1 october 2019 14:34 3433

    Thanks for the advice. That's how I got the task cerified.

    5 october 2019 15:37 3433

    is it a good game i dont know

    5 october 2019 17:06 3433

    Thanks a lot man

    9 october 2019 06:25 3433

    So my task was accepted i got the gems rewarded then.. it was rejected and all of my gems on my account was removed how nice...welp this was pointless

    13 october 2019 21:19 3433

    how do i complete this task

    18 october 2019 00:14 3433

    **** quest RNG....... this sucks

    20 october 2019 21:41 3433

    is it even possible to do this quest?

    6 november 2019 23:12 3433

    you need to get a specific daily to do this? thats wierd...

    7 november 2019 21:47 3433

    how do you display your name on the screen? can someone explain in a great amount of detail?

    11 november 2019 07:52 3433

    thanks for the info, i think i will play now

    11 november 2019 13:37 3433

    I agree with Cushyu, is there a way to show both your in game name and the quest on the same screen?

    22 november 2019 01:15 3433

    I haven't gotten the quest yet but I think if you go into your profile tab your user name is there but how to also make sure that the quest when I get it is available I'm not sure

    25 november 2019 10:54 3433

    Hát ez szívás :(

    5 december 2019 16:55 3433

    thank for info

    7 december 2019 05:50 3433

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