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    How does the game hold up in 2019?

    Used to play this game when I was younger and kind of liked it. Does the game still hold up in 2019 as a good game. Should I or Should I not come back to it?

    4 september 2019 19:30 42

    I used to play it as well. I picked it up again for one of the quests to get soul gems and the grapics in few places are really dated, mostly in the pet games and some of the short cut senes, but I'd say over all it holds up. Its still an older game from 2008 so its not the best, but I'd say pick it up again. ^^

    15 october 2019 02:39 42

    I believe that the game is in the process of dying. The dedicated player base from 2008 has all but evapoated, and Kingsilse spends most of it's time updating to reduce the difficulty of most high level areas since people complain it's too difficult, despite the difficulty making it fun.

    24 october 2019 03:56 42

    id say its worth going back too atleast for a weekend or something. long term ehhhhhhhhhhh it really really dosent hold up too well in my eyes

    31 october 2019 16:43 42

    i love wizards

    31 october 2019 17:03 42

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