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    Danger Zone key redeemed not by me

    I got a message today that a danger zone key was ready for pickup on my steam account. I found this quite odd because I have been trying to save up for a decimator skin instead. I have not been active for the past month so there's no way this could have been me. So I checked my incoming trade requests to see if it was sent to me by the gamehag account and there is nothing there. It worries me that someone was able to get into my gamehag because my steam is the same password. I have always felt a little off about the credibility of gamehag and I want to know the truth of how this could possibly happen.

    4 september 2019 16:30 1628

    I also have not gotten any login requests from steam guard so there is no way it could've been sent to my steam and then someone else through my account

    4 september 2019 16:32 1628

    4 september 2019 16:32 1628

    I really want to give gamehag a chance to explain but if this doesn't get resolved then it's gonna be the last nail in the coffin for me

    4 september 2019 16:35 1628

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